Recycling Instructions for
Air Handling Units

The range of Air Handling units as supplied by Dalair Ltd are manufactured taking into consideration the dismantling of components for re-use, before being sent for recycling or disposal.

Dismantling and disposal must be carried out by qualified personnel in accordance with local authority regulations and guidelines.

The vast majority of the Air Handling Unit is manufactured from recyclable metallic and plastic materials.

Basic hand tools are required, including a utility knife, pliers, hammer, electrical screwdrivers, adjustable spanners and wrenches together with power tools such as a  cordless drill and reciprocating saw. 

Before carrying out any work all electrical power must be disconnected to the unit and ensure all isolators and the mains supply is locked off to prevent power being re-instated.

Refrigeration coils contain gas at high pressure. A qualified technician must be engaged to recover the refrigerant gas, ('F' gas), when disposing equipment in accordance with 'F' gas regulations.

As part of our environmental strategy, Dalair Limited are fully committed to comply with Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Regulations (W.E.E.E regulations) that came into effect on 1st July 2007.
All waste electronic and electrical items, (including but not limited to motors, inverters, damper actuators, controllers and light fittings), should be disposed of in accordance with the current WEEE regulations.

Plastic components, such as viewing panels, framework corners and hinges, can be recycled in accordance with current legislation.

Once electrical and plastic components have been removed, the remaining metallic materials can be recycled in accordance with current legislation.

Please note that the AHU drawing depicted is of a typical air handling unit and is for illustrative purposes only.

The illustration is by no means limited to the Dalair range of products or components that are available for selection and manufacture.

                              1. Actuator
                              2. Controller
                              3. Isolator
                              4. Volumeter
                              5. Inverter
                              6. Motor
                              7. Light switch
                              8. Bulkhead light

                              1. Drive belt
                              2. Manometer/tubing
                              3. Magnehelic gauge
                              4. Polypropolene eliminator
                              5. Rubber mount
                              6. Flexible canvas
                              7. Nylon corner
                              8. Impellor
                              9. Port window

                             1. Framework
                              2. Diecast corner
                              3. Panel
                              4. Door
                              5. Base frame
                              6. Aluminium tread plate
                              7. Fan base/frame
                              8. Heat wheel frame
                              9. Filter frame
                              10. Damper
                              11. Coil
                              12. Impeller

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